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May 02, Wang Xiang’s Taiwan West Indian Cherry Bonsai – Image Source 1) Overwatering or Under-watering. Both overwatering, as well as under-watering, can lead to leaves falling off with (seemingly) no reason at a rule of thumb, regardless of whether it comes to an indoor or an outdoor bonsai, you want to water your tiny tree only when the soil Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

Bonsai trees in unhealthy environments may begin to lose leaves. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves of a bonsai tree and cause them to fall off, while a total lack of sunlight will slowly kill the tree, beginning with the leaves.

Use a grow lamp or ensure that the bonsai receives indirect sunlight throughout the day to keep it healthy. 3. If a otherwise healthy tree is dropping leaves when moved inside, and not from a normal seasonal transition It is likely a pest issue. Second most likely is temperature issue.

Your bonsai is a tropical, and should be 'ever green' (I recognise the species, but can't remember the name). It will not have an 'autumn`. The tree and the pot involved with bonsai form a single harmonious unit where the shape, texture and color of one, compliments the other.

Then the tree must be shaped. It is not enough just to plant a tree in a pot and allow nature to take its course – the result would look nothing like a tree and would look very short-lived.

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Dec 10, Step 8: Water Your Bonsai. Irrigate your bonsai regularly with tepid water when the soil dries on top. Allow the soil to dry slightly between irrigations to avoid overwatering. If the soil is dry about 1 centimeter deep, water the bonsai to ensure the roots don't dry out. Check the soil daily, especially on hot, dry or windy Charmayne Smith. Sep 23, Add water to the soil more often if the leaves yellow and fall suddenly. If the leaves on your bonsai start to die quickly, usually within a few days, water your tree as soon as the top of the soil appears dry.

Bonsai trees are very sensitive to their environment, so any changes can affect how much water your plant needs at a given 26K. Nurseries-Plants & Trees Garden Centers Landscape Contractors. YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website.Lee Hwy. Fairfax, VA From Business: Founded inthe Merrifield Garden Center is a family-owned nursery and landscaping company that serves clients throughout Virginia and Maryland.