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Only water the tree when soil about 3 inches below the.

Spray the trees with a copper-based fungicide before the rainy season.

G&V provides the best tree trimming service in Springfield, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Brandon Ave SuiteSpringfield, VA - Phone:Jul 27, Citrus trees, like lemons and limes, are becoming more and more popular, especially in drier love the warm air, but water can be an issue that will cause lime tree leaf drop. Find out other reasons for dropping leaves and how to fix lime tree leaf drop in this article.

Spray your lime tree with horticulture oil or an insecticide and remove the damaged leaves if the curled leaves appear to have squiggly lines going through them. This indicates a citrus leaf miner infestation, which is more harmful to young lime trees than established trees.

When a lime tree's leaves are curled, it's a sign that the tree has frost damage or is infested with citrus leaf miner. If you suspect frost damage, wait to see if the damage is mild. Re: Lime tree leaves curling.

Look for adult leaf miners, which lay eggs under the leaves near the central vein.

March The leaves look pretty green and healthy so it probably just needs more regular watering. It doesn't look like citrus leaf miner - a moth that lays eggs in the leaves. The leaves would be more deformed. Jan 14, My Dwarf Key Lime Tree Is Losing Its Leaves and They Are Turning Yellow & Falling Off. Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia), also commonly called Mexican lime or West Indian lime, can be dwarfed through. These portions are the most affected ones in case of insect and aphid infestation on lime trees.

Mainly, curling up of leaves is seen along with the development of gray-colored spots on the leaf surface. Other insects cause a variety of ailments, which lead to the development pruning cryptomeria trees, 2420 Lexington MA shiny patches having a greasy appearance. Black fungus or mold may develop due to the black fly species, which. Jun 16, Q. Lime Tree Leaves Curling.

Besides limes and blossoms falling off, now my leaves are curling on the lime tree. It is also happening on my lemon tree. Any answers? Answered by Nikki on June 21, Certified Expert. A. Typically citrus leaf curl is caused by aphids or inconsistent watering. Neem oil will help with the aphids. Lime trees, and in particular, young lime trees, can suffer from sunburn or sunscald, which causes peeling, damaged bark.

Paint the trees with a mixture of one part white flat latex paint and one part water or use a commercial tree wrap. Water lime trees once or twice a week during the growing season so the soil stays moist to a depth of 6.