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Aug 17, You can either put them in a vase without water, hang upside down to dry, or make them into a hydrangea flower wreath. (Sign up for our make-a-hydrangea-wreath workshop on Saturday Sept 9th –– call the store to register. Download calendar here.) 2.

You can purchase a blue hydrangea and find it blooms a different color next year.

No matter which color hydrangea flower you have, once they turn brown you have two options. Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Nov 12, 4. One of the best things you can do for mophead or lacecap hydrangeas now is to rake the leaves that have fallen under and around the plants; this helps keep the population of chilli thrips under control.

Chilli thrips are a new pest that disfigures Hydrangea leaves. Read more about it here. treeleaning.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Read more about it here.

Water deeply after planting, but do not fertilize. For the first year insure that the shrub receives one and a half inches of water a week. Fertilize established hydrangeas with a balanced fertilizer. Do not fertilize after August, this may promote new growth that will be damaged by winter freezes. Pruning. Usually involves removing spent flower clusters if unattractive (in fall), and thinning or heading back vigorous shoots (in late winter/early spring).

They can be pruned heavily if desired. ASPERA LACECAP HYDRANGEA - Hydrangea aspera These have similar flowers to the lacecap, but are blue in the center surrounded by a ring of white or pink flowers.

Mar 06, They do well if shaded from the hot afternoon sun, particularly the bigleaf hydrangea, which may wilt in full sun even if the soil is moist.

Hydrangeas prefer a moderate nutrient level in the soil; fertilize with approximately 4 oz. of a balanced fertilizer in early spring and again after treeleaning.buzzted Reading Time: 8 mins. Fall. Anyone can grow the native Hydrangea arborescens, or smooth hydrangea, even in a chilly Zone 3 garden. Incrediball hydrangea is an improvement of a garden classic with massive blooms that are held aloft on sturdy stems.

The white flowers age to an attractive green,extending garden interest into fall. Sep 02, They typically enjoy sun (Hydrangea paniculata will do better with more light than Hydrangea macrophylla), though pruning needs may differ. For example, the former can be pruned in late winter and early spring, whereas the later- if they do not re-bloom- are best pruned right after the flowers fade in early to midsummer. But Hancock says that no matter.